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A regional committee comprised of NA areas in BC., Canada.

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Resource Requests:

As a part of an ongoing effort to improve communication between the B.C. Region of Narcotics Anonymous and our local communities, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) frames information and sessions on a variety of topics. In order to effectively engage in dialogue, both preparation and time are needed. This means letting us know what you are interest in and how much time is available on the agenda. Thus it is important that you provide us with information regarding what types of sessions you would like Narcotics Anonymous to facilitate and the estimated time for each session. Background information on local issues will also be helpful for our planning. 

If you or your organization wishes NA to provide information sessions, public or community presentations, or round table discussions, please complete the Resource Request form and submit it to the Email address on the form. You can also Email through our contact form or send an Email to the PI Chair. (pr@bcrna.ca)

You can also mail the completed form to:

B.C. Regional Service Committee
PO Box 1695, STN A,
Vancouver, B.C., V6C 2P7